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A Revolution in Visual Experiences with Holoscape's Transparent LED Displays

Updated: May 13

In the realm of digital signage and display technology, Holoscape stands out as a beacon of innovation. Bill Hall, representing Holoscape, recently illuminated the groundbreaking product that is reshaping the standards for transparent LED screens.

Interactive Holoscape transparent LED display in a retail setting, showcasing vivid ads while offering a glimpse into the store's interior.
Holoscape's Transparent LED Display Merges Digital Brilliance with See-Through Elegance.

The Pioneering Technology of Transparent LED Displays

This transparent LED Display technology, free from any obstructive electronics or structure behind it, is a trendsetter in the digital display industry. These displays are not mere screens; they are an array

of LEDs integrated into a mesh, creating a captivating blend of vibrant output and the transparency the mesh facilitates. Discover more about this innovative technology on the Products page.

Two Versatile Forms for Every Need

The product comes in two forms. The first is a surface-mounted version that seamlessly attaches the mesh to glass or other transparent surfaces, akin to applying wallpaper to a wall. The second is encased in a frame, either on wheeled feet (Poster) or hung via built-in rigging points (Suspended). Explore these versions on our Surface-Mounted Series, Poster Series, and Suspended Series pages.

Pixel Perfect Possibilities

Holoscape offers the product in two pixel pitches: 3.91mm and 6.25mm, catering to different viewing requirements and applications. This choice in pitches leads to a perfect balance of resolution and transparency.

Architectural Integration

Holoscape's transparent LED screens can be seamlessly incorporated into both permanent architectural designs and temporary structures, like those used in trade show booths. The surface-mounted version allows for the concealment of electronics, either in a façade resembling a window mullion or within a built-in cove, presenting the display as pure visual enjoyment.

The Power of Portability

The Poster Series enhances portability, simplifying the relocation of a Holoscape display. This feature can revolutionize retail, marketing, or trade show spaces, replacing static graphics with a dynamic and engaging method of connecting with customers. Discover more application inspiration on our Markets page.

Unmatched Brightness and Durability

With a brightness of up to 4000 nits, these screens ensure crystal-clear visibility under any lighting conditions. Each pixel is independently replaceable, which increases the display's serviceability. Additionally, the hardware is incredibly robust due to high-quality manufacturing.

Flexibility and Customization

Holoscape’s LED displays are highly flexible, capable of bending to fit curved walls, and can be trimmed to custom shapes and sizes. This flexibility is ideal for unique installations and creative applications.

The Future is Here: Prototypes in Development

We are continuously advancing our products towards new formats and applications. Stay updated with announcements about new products and developments on Holoscape’s website blog. A new model with a 2.5mm pixel pitch is on the horizon, so stay tuned for a major announcement soon.

Experience Holoscape's LED Magic

We invite you to experience these innovative displays firsthand. Holoscape offers in-person demos to showcase the vast possibilities of this technology – it truly must be seen to be believed. For more information, visit our Home page at and start envisioning the limitless applications of these transformative displays.

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