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Suspended Series

A transparent display that can be mounted or hung almost anywhere using its rigging points. 

The Suspended Series brings together flexibility and thoughtful design.  Its ability to curve allows it to adapt to a variety of architectural requirements, opening doors for unique presentations.  Furthermore, its light weight simplifies and eases the installation process, also reducing the weight load on the building structure. 


While it delivers clear and dynamic visuals, it doesn’t overshadow its backdrop due to its award-winning transparency.  This design, combined with its minimal load-bearing needs, means that users can be focused on optimizing placement and visual impact, whether in the dark or bright daylight.

Holoscape's Suspended Series Transparent LED Display: Combining cutting-edge clarity with a versatile, easy-to-integrate design, ideal for transforming commercial and artistic venues, led hanging display sign window
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A New Approach To Signage

The Suspended Series exhibits true versatility, ideal for unique architectural spaces and areas needing standout visuals. The unique transparency allows businesses, from retail stores to theaters and musical venues, to convey messages without obstructing interior design elements or views. 


The display's transparency and its mounting format allows messages to be conveyed without obstructing interior design elements or views.

Suspended Series Model Specifications

Holoscape A Series Suspended Models: Unveiling the A3-2 and A3-4 Frames - Transforming Large Spaces into Visual Spectacles with State-of-the-Art Suspended Display Technology

A3-2 Model

A3-4 Model

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