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best transparent led display products for sale in the USA


Revolutionizing Spaces with Transparent LED Displays - Explore Our Diverse Range of Cutting-Edge Display Solutions

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The Poster Series has been designed with convenience, portability, and accessibility in mind. Holoscape’s Poster is sleek, lightweight, and case-packable while maintaining a brilliant picture and 90% transparency. This product line is Ideal for a multitude of uses from window advertising and in-store marketing to wayfinding, trade shows, art installations, or anything else you can dream up. Our portable poster display is the perfect solution for any occasion and blends into any location.

The Suspended series embodies a blend of form and function, designed not only to elevate visual experiences, but to adapt to your spatial needs in a hangable format. Not only does its light weight allow for almost no load-bearing constraints, but these displays can also be curved to fit the nuances of various environments without compromising on clarity or brightness. Though dimmable, its radiant 4000-nit display remains impressively visible in all lighting conditions, ensuring visibility anywhere and anytime, without imposing on the surrounding environment.

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The Surface-Mounted Series is designed with discreet elegance, allowing it to seamlessly integrate onto any transparent surface without obstructing the view beyond. Even in the brightest daylight, its vivid display captures attention, making it an optimal choice for advertising and a myriad of other applications. Turn any window or other transparent surface into a canvas that communicates without compromising transparency. Experience the fusion of aesthetics, visibility, and versatile functionality.

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