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Be a part of the digital content revolution, transforming the usual printed graphics in your retail display space into dynamic visual canvases. Captivate customers with immersive brand stories, promotions, and product highlights – all while seamlessly blending into the store’s environment.

Bring Your Store to Life

applications of led screens in immersive retail displays
Storefront Displays

Convert store windows into dynamic advertising spaces, showcasing current promotions, new arrivals, or interactive brand stories without obstructing the view into – or out of – the store.

applications of led screens in retail pop-up displays
Point-of-Sale Promotions

Highlight limited-time offers, loyalty program benefits, or upcoming sales events at checkout counters to encourage additional purchases and return visits.

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Cross-Selling Opportunities

Showcase complementary products related to what a shopper might be viewing, enhancing the shopping experience and increasing sales potential.

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Product Information

Place Holoscape screens near product displays to provide customers with product information and reviews, enhancing the shopping experience and guiding purchase decisions.

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Queue Management

Inform waiting customers of wait times while promoting products or upcoming special deals to keep them engaged at the point of sale.

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Holoscape signage can direct shoppers through store layouts, enhancing navigation with clear visual prompts without obstructing views of your retail space.

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Take Back Your Retail Space

Holoscape, with its many configuration options, optimizes your space with immersive visuals and real-time promotions that captivate shoppers, heightening engagement, stimulating impulse purchases, and enhancing the retail checkout experience.

A New Revenue Stream

Your Holoscape installation can become a billboard for lease to manufacturers and still beat the cost of printed promotions.

Unobstructed Views

When delivering content with a Holoscape display, the background view or environment isn't obscured, which maintains the ambiance of the location.


Increase your advertising opportunities by eliminating print advertising and vinyl applications with a permanent solution that maximizes your advertising budget.

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Extreme Adaptability

Holoscape’s transparent design means brands can utilize windows or other transparent surfaces for displays, making the most of those spaces and allowing content updates in real-time.

Space Optimization

By using windows or other transparent surfaces, Holoscape can turn underutilized spaces into valuable messaging areas without adding clutter.

Increased Recall and Impact

The unique presentation and interactive capabilities of Holoscape lead to better recall and higher impact on users compared to standard graphic signage.

Elevated Brand Perception

The innovative nature of Holoscape’s transparent displays positions the brand as forward-thinking and tech-savvy, resonating with modern consumers and leaving a lasting impression.

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