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Your USA Distributor of Muxwave Transparent LED Displays


Transparent LED Displays

See the Future Clearly with Holoscape LED's 90% Transparency

Welcome to Holoscape LED, where our 90% Transparent LED Displays transform retail, events, brand activations, and trade shows. As a top USA LED screen supplier, we provide cutting-edge solutions to captivate your audience and boost engagement. Discover how our Transparent LED Video Displays elevate your experience

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  • Our Displays Offer an Unobscured 90% Transparency, Allowing A Truly Immersive Experience

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Modular Design

  • Stand Alone

  • Suspended

  • Surface-Mounted

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An Artistic Display

  • Can Be Cut To Fit Custom Shapes and Sizes

  • Can Be Curved For Custom Applications

  • Thickness Of Under 2mm

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Installed Anywhere

  • Adhered Anywhere, Including Glass And Other Surfaces

  • Under 14 Lbs Per Square Meter

  • No Frame Structure is Required with Surface-Mounted Installation

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Unmatched Visual Impact

  • 24/7 Visibility, Night Or Day

  • Vivid Picture with up to 4000 nits of Brightness at 3.91mm Pixel pitch

  • 9000:1 High Contrast

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Highly Serviceable

  • Simple End User Interface

  • Certified Teams Available for Content, Installation, and Service.

  • Individual LED Replacement

  • Remote And Onsite Support Available

Transparent LED screen video wall with 90% transparency rate, featuring high-quality LED modules and LED panels, ideal for displaying brand images and enhancing visibility

Explore Our High-Impact Transparent LED Display Solutions

Unleash the power of transparency with Holoscape's high-impact LED display solutions. Explore our innovative Poster Series, perfect for eye-catching window displays and portable applications. Discover the Suspended Series, designed for stunning overhead installations and adaptable layouts. And for seamless integration into glass surfaces, explore our Surface-Mounted Series.

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The Poster Series has been designed with convenience and user-friendliness in mind. Holoscape’s Poster is sleek, lightweight, and case-packable while maintaining a brilliant picture and 90% transparency. This product line is Ideal for a multitude of uses from window advertising and in-store marketing to wayfinding, trade shows, and art installations... the applications are endless. Our portable poster display is the perfect solution for any occasion and blends into any location.

The Suspended Series embodies a blend of form and function, designed not only to elevate the visual experience in a higher-visibility suspended installation, but to allow for your spatial needs on the floor. Not only does its light weight allow for almost no load-bearing constraints, but these displays can be curved to fit the nuances of different environments without compromising clarity or brightness. Though dimmable, its radiant 4000-nit display remains impressively visible in all lighting conditions, ensuring visibility anywhere and anytime, without imposing on the surrounding environment.

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The Surface-Mounted Series is designed with discreet elegance, allowing it to integrate onto any transparent surface without obstructing the view beyond. Even in the brightest daylight, its vivid display captures attention, making it an optimal choice for advertising and a myriad of other applications. Turn any window or other transparent surface into a canvas that communicates without compromising transparency. Experience the fusion of aesthetics, visibility, and versatile functionality.

Pioneering Market Trends with Holoscape's State-of-the-Art Transparent LED Displays

Holoscape's transparent LED screens are revolutionizing retail, brand activations, and events with immersive, eye-catching displays that elevate marketing and engage audiences in unique, memorable ways.

Holoscape LED in Orlando Florida USA
Enhance your retail store or shopping mall experience with Holoscape LED innovative vertical or horizontal LED Display transparent
transparent led displays for trade shows


In the retail sector, Holoscape's transparent LED displays are redefining customer engagement by merging the physical and digital shopping experiences.

Brand Activation

For brand activations, where making a lasting impression is key, Holoscape's technology offers an innovative platform for storytelling and customer interaction.

Trade Shows & Expo Events

At trade shows and events, standing out is crucial. Holoscape's transparent LED screens offer a visually stunning solution for exhibitors and event organizers.

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