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Trade Shows & Expo Events

Holoscape's transparent LED technology transforms a trade show booth or expo space into a dynamic visual hub, attracting and engaging attendees with its visual impact. Its broad set of configuration options, including custom curved and cut fits, maximizes limited space while offering a sustainable alternative to printed graphics and signage.


Whether for product showcases, digital catalogs, or real-time promotions, Holoscape not only enhances booth aesthetics but also leaves a memorable brand imprint, setting the stage for impactful interactions and a heightened experience. Turn your booth into an attention-commanding video display.

Be the Center of Attention

transparent led video screen for trade shows
Product Showcases

Harnessing Holoscape’s interactive capabilities, exhibitors can offer attendees a deeper dive into product intricacies, elevating their presentations.

transparent led screen for trade shows
Attention Grabber

In bustling tradeshow environments, stand out from the crowd.  Holoscape’s vibrant and unique displays ensure your booth captures and maintains visitors’ attention.

Transparent LED Displays And Screens for trade shows and events
Promotions & Giveaways

Exclusive deals or giveaways can be prominently showcased on a captivating display, magnetizing a flow of intrigued attendees.

transparent led video wall for trade shows
Digital Catalogues

A Holoscape digital display of products and services in a booth not only reduces print costs, but also champions an eco-conscious approach to showcasing products.

transparent led video wall supplier for trade show
Schedule Displays

Showcase agendas, breakout sessions, and keynotes, allowing attendees to plan their day or quickly reference event timings.

trade shows transparent led screen, trade show transparent led displays

Direct the way for attendees with Holoscape, enhancing navigation with an attractive and compelling portable display.

exhibit transparent led display, events transparent led display

Elevate Every Exhibit

At tradeshows, Holoscape captivates attendees with its visual brilliance, seamlessly integrating into booth designs.  Its appearance alone positions brands as innovators, while its transparent nature maximizes space without blocking views, creating an open and inviting space for visitors.

Reliable and Simple

Unlike other holographic technologies that require more calibration and installation time, a Holoscape display integrated into your booth saves time and money with its plug-and-play simplicity.

Enhanced Engagement

The visual magnetism of Holoscape draws attendees in, creating an immersive experience that encourages deeper interaction with the brand message.

Seamless Integration

Unlike traditional screens, Holoscape can integrate effortlessly with event setups, allowing for branded content without disturbing the aesthetics of your booth.

transparent led displays for trade shows and events

Extreme Adaptability

Whether curved, cut, or adhered to various surfaces, Holoscape’s flexibility allows for bespoke installations suited to specific needs.

Space Optimization

For exhibitors with limited space, our transparent LEDs can turn surfaces or compact areas into valuable marketing display points without clutter.

Adaptive Display Capabilities

By using digital displays for brochures or product catalogs, exhibitors reduce the need for printed materials and are enabled with the use of dynamic content.

Elevated Brand Perception

The innovative nature of Holoscape’s transparent displays positions the brand as forward-thinking and tech-savvy, resonating with modern consumers and leaving a lasting impression.

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