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Transparent LED Screens for Brand Activations

Holoscape LED offers a dynamic fusion of digital and physical spaces, enhancing brand activations, promotional events, and custom installations for business environments.

Through interactive features, augmented reality showcases, and real-time audience engagement, Holoscape ensures a memorable experience for consumers while effectively conveying your brand’s message. Explore a new dimension of event promotion with Holoscape.

transparent led display for brand activation
Branded Content

Use Holoscape to consistently display brand logos, slogans, or other brand elements throughout the event space, leaving an indelible impression of your branding.

Brand Activation through trasparency
Product Showcases

Present products in a detailed and dynamic manner, highlighting features, benefits, or the evolution of a product line.

brand activation transparent led display
Ambient Visual Display

Set the tone of the event with background visuals or animations that reinforce the brand’s theme and identity.

Conference Signage for Brand Activation Events
Social Media Feeds

Showcasing real-time social media posts on Holoscape amplifies event engagement and fosters an interconnected event experience.

transparent led video display for your brand
Promotions & Giveaways

With Holoscape, exclusive deals or giveaways can be prominently showcased, captivating a flow of intrigued visitors.

LED Screen Branding, LED video wall for Branding
Testimonial Showcases

Share quotes, stories, or video clips from satisfied customers or influential brand advocates.

Transparent led display for Branding

Captivate with Clarity

At brand activations and promotional events, a Holoscape display stands out by magnetically drawing attendees with its visual allure, fostering deep brand interaction. It melds with event aesthetics, offers adaptability for a variety of display configurations, and elevates brand perception. Transparent LED screens are also used in shopping malls to captivate shoppers with clear and engaging displays.


Whether on its feet or wheels, Holoscape gives ease to both setups for the event and mobility while the event is in progress.

Seamless Integration

Unlike traditional screens, Holoscape can integrate into event setups, allowing for branded content without disturbing the aesthetics of the venue or location.

Unprecedented Engagement

The visual magnetism of Holoscape draws consumers in, creating an immersive experience that encourages deeper interaction with the brand message.

LED Displays for Brand Activation Events

Maximized Visibility

Holoscape’s transparent design means brands can utilize windows or other transparent surfaces for displays, making the most of event spaces without obstructing views.

Space Optimization

For exhibitors in limited space, our transparent LEDs can turn surfaces or compact areas into valuable marketing display points without clutter.

Adaptive Display Capabilities

Whether the vision involves curved displays, unique shapes, or particular placements, Holoscape is customizable to fit the branding needs of the event while optimizing your space.

Elevated Brand Perception

The innovative nature of Holoscape’s transparent displays positions the brand as forward-thinking and tech-savvy, resonating with modern consumers and leaving a lasting impression.

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