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Surface-Mounted Series

A unique transparent display that you can adhere to almost any surface, even on your own glass.

The Surface-Mounted Series introduces a simple and innovative way to utilize glass or other transparent surfaces for visual displays.  By attaching directly to glass, acrylic, or other substrates, it provides clear and vibrant visuals without obstructing the view beyond.  It’s designed to be both functional and unobtrusive.

In terms of performance, the display remains bright even in daylight conditions, ensuring the content is always visible.  Suitable for various applications including retail, advertising, architectural features, or interior design, the Holoscape Surface-Mounted Display offers a blend of visual clarity and practicality.

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Make Your Windows Come Alive

The Surface-Mounted Series serves a versatile range of applications.  Whether enhancing storefronts with dynamic advertising, adding an interactive layer to architectural spaces, or elevating interior design elements with captivating visuals, it provides a clear and bright display solution that integrates seamlessly into various environments without obstructing the background view.

Surface-Mounted Module Specifications

Explore the advanced features of Holoscape's Surface-Mounted Modules, designed for seamless integration and exceptional display performance.

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