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Frequently Asked Questions About Transparent LED Video Displays


Frequently Asked Questions About Holoscape's Transparent LED Displays

Holoscape provides cutting-edge transparent LED displays that revolutionize advertising and visual experiences. With stunning see-through technology, businesses can captivate audiences, showcase products, and seamlessly integrate dynamic content into any environment.

  • Who is Holoscape LED?
    Holoscape LED is the United States distributor for this transparent LED display technology.
  • What does “pixel pitch” mean?
    In an LED display, each LED represents one pixel. The pixel pitch is the distance between the center of one LED to the center of the LED adjacent to it, measured in millimeters. A lower number pixel pitch means the LEDs are closer together, allowing for higher resolution displays. The higher the resolution, the closer the viewer can be to see a clear image. See our Comparison Chart to view specifications on each model.
  • What is the optimal viewing distance for the Holoscape LED displays?
    Video LED display optimal viewing distances have usually been described as pitch = meters. According to this convention, a pitch of 3.91 millimeters would suggest 3.91 meters, or 12’ 8”, for optimal viewing. However, the unique property of the lensing on the pixels disperses the light in a way that increases perceived resolution. Additionally, how the human brain fills in the information between the pixels also contributes to making the display appear higher in resolution. Contact us today about arranging a demo to see for yourself.
  • How bright are the Holoscape LED displays?
    LED displays are measured in nits, one of which is equivalent to one candela per square meter. The higher the number, the brighter the display. The LEDs in our displays yield up to 5000 nits, much brighter than necessary to see in full daylight. A comparison in brightness specifications from one model to another is listed in our Comparison Chart. Interesting note: looking at the modules at 100% full brightness from the back side, you cannot even tell if it is on. For example, if the modules are installed on a window where the display is showing to the outside, from the inside, it simply looks like a slightly tinted window.
  • Can a Holoscape LED display be installed outdoors?
    The Holoscape LED Surface-Mounted Series video displays are meant to be installed inside controlled environments (indoor) and are not IP weather rated (IP20) for exposure to outside elements like rain and snow. For an indoor Surface-Mounted display to be viewed from the outside, Holoscape can be installed directly to a window so that the pixels are facing the outside. The brightness can be seen in full sun. The mobile Poster Series and Suspended Series can be used outdoors but should not operate in rain or snow and should be brought indoors when not in use.
  • What’s the size limit of a Holoscape LED display?
    The length of the module used for the display dictates the dimension of the display. If two modules are end-to-end with each other, as they are with the full-size Poster Series and Suspended Series and with the full-size Surface-Mounted Series, a seamless display is limited by the long dimension of the two modules. The Poster Series’ width is up to two meters wide (the A3-2 “Double Poster”), but the Suspended can be longer with proper support on the bottom of the frame for significantly long frames. As for the Surface-Mounted Series, its width is unlimited if installed with the electronics on the top and bottom. If it is installed with the electronics on the sides, that would make the height unlimited. That said, if a row of electronics in an enclosure resembling a window mullion isn’t an issue, the size of the Surface-Mounted Series becomes unlimited on both dimensions.
  • Is the Poster Series and the Suspended Series the same product?
    Yes, they are. However, we present them as two separate products to feature two distinct applications: the Poster on feet and the Suspended hung from rigging points in the frame. Essentially, the Suspended is the Poster in use without the feet, though they are included. The feet are detachable from the frame. On the frame, the feet have wheels, and with the turn of a knurled dial for each wheel, pads come down and raise the wheels off the ground for a non-rolling placement.
  • How are the modules installed?
    In the Poster Series and Suspended Series, the modules are adhered to a stainless-steel substrate, which is what is affixed within the frame. In the Surface-Mounted Series, the options are adhesive on back side (to display inwards from window) or adhesive on the LED side (to display outwards through the window). The adhesive on the Surface-Mounted Series modules allows removal of the module from a glass surface with the use of distilled water sprayed lightly on the module, avoiding the electronics. The adhesive must be dry in order for it to be reapplied. However, it is not recommended to do this repeatedly, as dust and dirt may get on the adhesive and the adhesive will weaken after a few removals. Application of a new layer of adhesive can be done by a certified technician.
  • How is it powered and controlled?
    The power is daisy-chained through the electronics. The processor is either a Colorlite or a Novastar. The processor has an onboard memory, an HDMI port, wireless capability (on select processors), or can be connected to a network. The signal source is whatever is desired: computer, phone, camera, player, etc. The display itself is dimmable as standard LED displays are, and the LEDs are so bright at 100% that you may not ever need them at full. The Poster Series can be powered by a battery, allowing portability while in operation. This is a hit at trade shows and other marketing events!
  • Can Holoscape LED displays come in custom shapes and sizes?
    Yes they can, but custom products add cost. A custom cut can be straight, at an angle, or on a curve, as long as any given column of LEDs is uninterrupted. The cut into a column will break the circuit to the LEDs beyond the cut. The alternative, if possible, is to mask the standard product with the shape desired, rather than have custom modules made. This also allows for repurposing, if desired. The modules are quite flexible and allow for surface-mounting on curved surfaces. There is a half-length electronics box to accommodate curved portions of an installation. See a variety of installation possibilities on our Gallery page.
  • Do Surface-Mounted displays have the functionality of heat rejection?
    Yes! A Surface-Mounted installation on a window has been verified in tests to block heat (such as sunlight) coming through the installation. This not only may function as a substitute for an energy-blocking window film, but also serves to reduce indoor cooling costs.
  • Who does the installation?
    Holoscape has dealers that are certified installers of the systems. The installation of the Surface- Mounted Series is more involved than the assembly of the Poster Series and Suspended Series, but all must be done by a Holoscape-certified installer. Please contact us to get connected with one of our dealer/installers.
  • How is the Holoscape LED display serviced?
    Service is done by a Holoscape-certified technician with any of our dealers. The modules are quite robust, significantly reducing the need for spares, as you can find with standard LED tiles. And if a pixel misbehaves, it can be replaced without having to remove the module! Regular cleaning is easy with a gentle wipe of a damp cloth.
  • What’s the warranty on Holoscape LED displays?
    Holoscape LED displays carry a two-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
  • How much do Holoscape LED displays cost?
    Costs are quoted per square meter and can vary widely depending on the pixel pitch, installation specifics, and the overall size of the display. For a quote, please contact us to get connected with one of our dealers.
  • How can I become a dealer?
    Contact us about being a part of our dealer network. Certified installers and technicians are trained by Holoscape’s primary dealer, SMPL Systems.
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