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Discover the World of Transparent LED Displays with Holoscape

Updated: Jun 11

At Holoscape, we're at the forefront of merging technology with design, especially in the realms of advertising and digital displays. Our Transparent LED Technology is a testament to this commitment, marking a significant milestone in the AV Integrator Market. These aren't just displays; they're transformative elements that integrate effortlessly into any setting, offering you a futuristic and captivating display experience.

Interactive expo booth featuring Holoscape's Transparent LED Display Screen, vividly exhibiting the 'Experience Imagination' podcast, surrounded by trade show attendees, highlighting innovative LED Transparent Display technology.
Bringing Imaginations to Life: Holoscape's Transparent LED Displays

Our Game-Changing Transparent LED Display

We're proud to offer Transparent LED displays that set new standards in the industry with their 90% transparency. This feature allows our displays to blend seamlessly with their environments, providing an engaging experience without obstructing views. It's an innovation we're excited about, especially for architects and designers looking for visually appealing and creative solutions.

Sleek, Slim, and Versatile by Design

Our transparent LED displays, just 2mm thick, embody modern design and adaptability. Their slim profile enhances aesthetic appeal and offers incredible versatility in various settings. Whether mounted on glass, or acrylic surfaces, or used as poster displays, our LED displays are designed to meet diverse installation needs, making them ideal for both retail and corporate environments.

Transforming Retail and Corporate Spaces

In retail, our Transparent LED displays create a dynamic and immersive shopping experience, helping brands engagely showcase their products. In corporate settings, these displays become advanced tools for communication, adding a high-tech and sophisticated flair to presentations and meetings.

Experience the Future of Transparent LED Display with Us

We invite you to schedule a live or online demo to witness the transformative power of our Transparent LED video displays. Come visit us at our Orlando Showroom, or contact us for a demonstration. Whether you're an integrator, dealer, or representative, we're excited to show you what our technology can do.


At Holoscape, we're not just selling products; we're offering a gateway to the future of Transparent LED display technology. Our Transparent LED displays are a unique blend of transparency, sleek design, and versatility. We're redefining what's possible in the AV Integrator Market and beyond.

Join us on this journey and witness the future of display technology.

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